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We are delighted to let you know and understand what Academy for Governance is established to be and to do.



We believe in the greatness of Nigeria that is populated by good people.


OUR ASPIRATION: What Academy for Governance Wants to Be:

We aspire to be a key governance capacity building organization for the actualization of Nigeria’s long-range aspirations and philosophies of Self-reliance, Self-sufficiency and Self-governance.


OUR VISIONS: What Academy for Governance Must Be:

We envision Academy for Governance as an independent “Diamond Reflective” Institution dedicated to implanting, nurturing and promoting proper (good and strong) governance in Nigeria specifically and Africa in general. Pointedly our visions are (i) to stimulate laying sound foundation for the greatness of Nigeria by 2050 through inculcating in the citizen of Nigeria,  attributes of greatness and traits of good people (ii) to stimulate laying sound foundation for Nigeria to become a truly leader nation among the comity of nations.


OUR MISSIONS: What Academy for Governance Wants to Do:

Our primary mission is to develop governance knowledge, tools and techniques relevant to Nigeria cum Africa and systematically infuse governance competencies and capabilities in strategic leaders and strategic managers that are charged with the conduct of governance responsibilities. We shall propel our aspiration and visions by imparting governance education, skills, competences and capabilities that are relevant to Nigeria and Africa of today and tomorrow, through courses of instruction, initiating, facilitating and conducting research and studies and, inculcating skills and competences necessary for developing proper (good and strong) governance in Nigeria and in Africa.


Specifically our strategic  intent is the development of future Presidents, Governors, Ministers, Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, Directors in the public sectors and Chairmen, CEOs and Directors in the private sector for the challenges of strategic governance required to drive Nigeria synergically toward the greatness of the nation by 2050 and leaders nation in due course.


Associated Institutions

The Academy is an offshoot of Strategic Management Centre that was established in 1995 and Institute of Strategic Management established 2003. The Academy is a member of the European Council for Business Education. It is also associated with key institutions of higher learning in fields relevant to governance education and practice.



The Academy has its principal location at KM 6 Asaba-Ibusa Express way, Ibusa, Delta State Capital Territory. As an institution established to promote good and strong governance in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, the Academy is designed to have functional outfits in all states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the first instance, and in African countries in due season.

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