A development strategist, Austin Udeze Uwandulu, obtained a doctorate degree in Strategic Management from University Of Lagos, Akoka Lagos Nigeria. He found Strategic Management Centre (SMC) in 1995 which collaboration with Ogun State University produced the first set of Executive MBAs to specialize in Strategic Management in Nigeria. He is the founder of Institute of Strategic management, Nigeria (ISMN) and He is the founding President of Academy for Governance dedicated to developing and implanting skills and experiences in strategic leaders and strategic managers on whose shoulders the onus of driving governance – public governance, political governance, business enterprises governance, civil society governance in Nigeria, rests.

A fellow of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria (ISMN) the author is also a member of Strategic Management Society (SMS), Common wealth Association for Corporate Governance (CACG), Institute of Directors (IOD), Nigeria Institute of Management, (NIM). Prof. Uwandulu is the author of “Towards Good and Strong Governance in Nigeria”, “Nigeria-in-2050 and in 2100”, “Introduction to Strategic Management”, “Principles of Strategy – What Strategists Do”, “Strategic Transformation of Delta State for Holistic Development”. Among his scholarly works are “What is the “T” in SWOT – Threats for Troubles”, Education or Knowledge: which is Nigeria’s Appropriate Strategic Direction?”

A Pan-Nigeria to the core, Dr. Uwandulu Believes in the greatness, indivisibility and indissobulity of Nigeria, and is optimistic that one day Nigeria will become a truly leader-nation. He accordingly promotes fusion rather than fission approaches to developing Nigeria holistically.

Prof. Uwandulu retired, in 1992, from the service of the Federal Government of Nigeria as a director in National Population Commission. He had earlier served in the Federal Ministries of Finance, Health, Establishment and the Cabinet of the Presidency..