STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROGRAMMES Courses in Strategic Management are designed to produce executive functionaries who will infuse efficiency (doing things right) and productivity (economy) in our societal endeavors. They will be exposed to basic knowledge of general management, administration and strategic management with emphasis on special skills to function as strategic managers in the Nigerian society. They will ultimately be imbued with the intricacies of managing organizations predicated on relevant strategies.   SM1    –           Strategic Management for Long Duration Programmes The purpose of this programme is to mass produce, at stretch, Nigerian citizens who will acquire extensive and specialized knowledge in how organizations in Nigerian will be efficiently and productively managed and administered. The course will cover, at a stretch, all of the following
  • Basic Strategic Management and Administration Course
  • Skill Acquisition for Strategic Management
  • Professionalism in Strategic Management
  Mode: Long-duration courses may be undertaken either online or in contact sessions   SM2    –           Strategic Management for Medium Duration Programmes The purpose of this programme is to mass produce, in batches, executive functionaries who, for reasons of expediency, cannot undertake the entire strategic management programmes at a stretch. The course will cover, at a stretch any of the following
  • Basic Strategic Management and Administration Course
  • Skill Acquisition for Strategic Management Course
  • Professionalism in Strategic Management Course
  Mode: Medium-duration courses may be undertaken either online or in contact sessions   SM3    –           Strategic Management for Short Duration Programmes Purpose: Short duration programmes are designed;
  • To enable participants, who cannot afford the luxury of participating in long-term or medium term duration courses partake in acquiring, bit by bit, strategic management knowledge that are of immediate relevance to them.
  • To enable participants explore strategic management knowledge in various fields of endeavors of concern to Nigeria of today and futures.
  • To address nagging issues in Nigeria with tint of strategic management.
  Mode: Short-duration courses will be conducted online in form of Lectures, Seminars, or in contact sessions in Conferences, Workshops, Retreats or Think Tank.   Lectures: Three types of lectures will be conducted, namely Programmed lectures, unprogrammeed lectures and Guest lectures.   Programmed Lectures These lectures are drawn from lessons in our knowledge acquisition trajectory schemes and will be conducted on regular days of the week and on the basis of one lesson together with its elucidation session per day             Participants in these lecture series who partake in all the lessons for fundamentals of Strategic Management, will be allowed to seat for exams at the Diets following their completion of the programmed lecture. Success in the examination will earn the participant “Strategic Management General Practitioner’s Certificate” which is equivalent to Post-graduate Diploma. Schedule of programmed lecture is as shown below   PROGRAMME OF LECTURES ON FUNDAMENTALS OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT   Preparatory Phase Lesson 1            –           Strategic Endeavors in Organization Lesson 2           –           Overview of Operational Management Lesson 3           –           Principles of Administration Lesson 4           –           Functions of the General Manager Lesson 5           –           Principles of Generic Strategy Lesson 6           –           Research Methods and Report Writing   Fundamental of Strategic Management (A) Concepts Lesson 7           –           Evolution of and Development of Strategic Management Lesson 8           –           Origin, Meaning and Nature of Strategic Management Lesson 9           –           Meaning and Distinctive Features of Tactics and strategies Lesson 10          –           Meaning and Distinctive Features of Policies Lesson 11          –           Strategic Thinking   (C) Context Lesson 12          –           Structure of Organizations Lesson 13                      –           Dimensions of Organization and Organizational Development Lesson 14          –           Tackling Strategic Change Lesson 15          –           Strategic Leadership, Strategic Management and Operational Management    Lesson 16          –           General Management and Strategic Management  Lesson 17          –           Administration and Strategic Management Lesson 18          –           Fundamentals of Governance                           (C) Contents Lesson 19          –           Meaning and Characteristics of Strategic Management Lesson 20          –           Strategic Issues Lesson 21          –           How Strategic Issues Are Managed Lesson 22          –           Scope of Strategic Management Lesson 23          –           Tools and Techniques for Strategic Management Lesson 24          –           Strategic Management Process I: Strategic Management Formulation Task Lesson 25          –           Strategic Management Process II: Strategic Management Implementation Tasks.   Unprogammed Lectures These lectures are not programmed in accordance with lessons in strategic management. They are adhoc lectures designed to address specific societal issues on the fundamentals of strategy. They are also lectures designed to teach and learn certain tools and techniques in strategic management   Guest Lectures On annual basis, guest lecturers will be invited to address specific Nigerian issues on the basis of defined strategies. For example guest lecturers will be invited to address issues bordering on security, economy, politics, human resources/technology, law and justice in Nigeria based on strategies not just policies   Seminars Seminars as distinct from lectures are designed as training platforms for how issues in strategic management can be applied in specific work situation or field of endeavors. Seminars will be employed to discuss skills (not education) acquisition in strategic management. Thus seminars are not appropriate at the level of fundamentals of strategic management.   Conferences Conferences are largely the same as seminars. However they attract larger participants and issues that will be discussed in themes and tracks. Conferences, unlike seminars should be conducted at annual or bi-annual basis.   Workshops Workshops are employed to discuss issues that are multi-dimensional and require various instruments to address. Workshops in generic strategies are designed to explore various forms, types, and levels of strategy in addressing nagging issues in Nigeria. Workshop will be conducted as the need arises   Retreats/Think Tanks When an issue becomes strategic and requires deep critical thinking, retreats/think tanks will be employed as the platform to address them. Retreats demand temporary withdrawal from the routine.   Exams / Certification Every participant in the strategic management programme will be certificated. Those who are unable to subject themselves to Academy for Governance examination or who fail to meet the standards set for learning and conduct will be issued with “Certificate of Attendance” Otherwise they will be issued with certificate of proficiency as follows:
  • Basic Strategic Management graduates will be issued with “Strategic Management General Practitioners’ Certificates” which is equivalent to Post-graduate Diploma
  • Skilled Strategic Management graduates will be issued with “Specialist in Strategic Management Certificate” which is equivalent to Master degree
  • Professional Strategic Managers graduates will be issued with “Expert in Strategic Management Certificate” appropriately worded to specify which field, namely; in public society, in business enterprise, in civil society and in political society the expertise is professed.